Reflexology Edinburgh


Reflexology is a gentle form of natural healing that involves massage to the reflex areas of the feet and/or hands. The reflexes correspond to all the various parts and organs of the body which are inter-connected by meridian lines. Meridians are invisible lines of a type of energy known in the East as chi. Blockages of chi can lead to physical, mental or emotional problems. By stimulating these points on the feet or hands, blockages are cleared leading to better flow of chi.

Stress & Tension Depression PMT Insomnia Hormone Imbalance Headaches & Migraines Swollen Ankles of Pregnancy Induction in Late Pregnancy Low Vitality & Fatigue.

Maternity Reflexology

A specialised form of reflexology tailored towards the pregnant woman. This can help to relieve the symptoms of several pregnancy-related conditions. Treatments will also reduce stress, prepare the woman for the birthing process and may even help to induce term babies.